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What is the Roads Bootcamp?

This is a fully sponsored and remunerated hybrid program that in just 4 months, will help you develop the niche skills that will set you apart from the rest. It was created by industry experts and offers certified training in cloud data engineering, DevOps ,and PowerBi analysis, skills high in demand in our tech industry due to the huge knowledge gap. Graduates of our programme have noted an average 5x increase in market value and have been granted employment within 2 weeks of graduation. 


Here are the requirements to apply:

  • A degree in Computer science, Economics, Finance, Data Science, or any related discipline
  • Relevant work experience in IT and related fields
  • Good coding ability

How to Apply?

If you meet these requirements then apply to with your CV.

Benefits of
Roads Bootcamp

The roads bootcamp is an avenue for the improvement of cloud data engineering skills and employment within the data industry.

It’s an opportunity to work full time with some of the best Data Engineering companies in South Africa. 

eden ai roads bootcamp
Eden AI
Cloud Data Engineer

It’s been close to a year at Eden AI after the bootcamp program that catapulted me from a novice in data engineering to comfortably developing and deploying data pipelines in cloud in just 4 months. The knowledge from the bootcamp gave me a predefined career path coupled with the expertise in the latest cloud-based technology in the industry.
My advice to anyone on the program is to properly understand each phase or stage and learn to collaborate with your teammates as well.